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As a Sierra Club Member, you have helped to:
Save Our Wild Legacy
Save the Giant SequoiasThe Sierra Club was instrumental in a federal court decision to halt a pro-logging plan in California’s Sierra Nevada range. The defeated plan called for a five-fold increase in logging in Giant Sequoia National Monument, home to half the Giant Sequoias left in existence.
2011 Financial Tree
End Mountaintop-Removal Mining
Mountaintop RemovalMountaintop-removal mining blows up mountains to extract the underlying coal. The Sierra Club and its allies won a string of legal victories that halted numerous mountaintop-removal mines throughout Appalachia.
Move Beyond Coal
Beyond Coal This year the Sierra Club stopped its 160th coal plant, blocking the addition of 340 million tons of annual carbon dioxide emissions.
Solve Climate Change
Climate ChangeThe Sierra Club and its partners helped secure the first significant raise in automobile fuel economy standards in 30 years.