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Linda Tucker
Sulphur Springs, Texas

Linda Tucker

Linda Tucker lives in Sulphur Springs, Texas, less than an hour from the Monticello coal plant and the Welsh coal plant. For years, Linda's family has been dealing with problems related to the Monticello Mine/Thermo Mine, just 3 miles from her home. The conveyor belt delivering Lignite Coal to boxcars is 1 1/2 miles from her front door.

The result, Linda says, is that "I'm sick, we're all sick here. I started getting sick shortly after we moved into this house in 2005. I have pinkish/red dust all over my house and my cars. I'm having it tested for heavy metals. Our home was built in the early 70's - so normal dust settling should have been over years ago! We also have damage and cracks on our fence, patio, fireplace, windows, and driveway. A few years back we had a pipe burst out front - and the plumber said that is was due to shifting ground - I guess so!"

Linda was recently diagnosed with a very rare lung cancer (non-smokers lung cancer).

But rather than accepting the toxic, disruptive coal mine, Linda is entreating the TCEQ and other agencies who are meant to protect Texans from the hazardous pollutants being spewed into the atmosphere and waterways by coal mines and coal burning plants.

"I'm mad!" she says. "My life has been disrupted, and I'm worried my life is over because of carelessness of the coal industry!"


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