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From the kitchen table where we eat to the notepads that keep our lives organized, wood and paper products are a part of our everyday lives. Sadly, up to 30 percent of the wood traded internationally has been harvested illegally, causing deforestation, threatening communities, and contributing to more climate-disrupting pollution.


The Lacey Act helps the United States combat trafficking in illegal wood and paper products and penalizes those who import illegally harvested wood products and wildlife. The need to protect this important law has never been greater.  Below is more information about the Lacey Act and how you can help combat illegal logging.


Lumber Liquidators, the top-selling flooring retailer in America, is under investigation after federal agents raided their corporate headquarters.

FBI illustration

They were looking for evidence that the company violated the Lacey Act by using timber harvested illegally in the Russian Far East, home of the last 450 Siberian tigers in the wild. Read more.

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Illegal Logging and Deforestation

Threaten Our Climate & Environment

Releases 1.5 billion tons of CO2 each year

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Accounts for 17% of global climate-disrupting pollution

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Destroys habitat of endangered species (There are only 450 Siberian tigers left in the wild)

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Hurt Communities

Destroys the livelihoods of communities who live in the forest

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Funds criminals who are destroying the world’s forests for profit

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$15 billion in tax revenue lost by developing countries

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Threaten American Jobs

Import of illegal wood and paper products:

Undercuts legal U.S. industries

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Hurts good U.S. jobs

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Costs U.S. companies $1 billion annually

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When the Lacey Act Works, It

Can Combat Illegal Logging & Deforestation

Pres McKinley signed the Lacey Act which bans the trade of poached wildlife

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Congress amended it to ban the import of illegally-harvested wood

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Companies violating the law face consequences like fines and jailtime

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Is Already Seeing Results

The Lacey Act has helped reduce illegal logging by 25% worldwide over the last decade

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