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Make a call to protect Oklahoma solar and ratepayers

Solar energy and the homeowners who install it are under attack in the Sooner State, but you can help protect them with a two minute phone call.

At any time now, Senate Bill 1456 could come up on the House agenda. This legislation would allow a utility company to charge a customer more who have installed solar on their property than those who do not.

Large utility companies like OG&E and PSO are afraid that solar and wind power will shake up their business model, so they've gone to the Legislaure to discourage property owners from installing their own power generation, even going so far as spreading misinformation about the bill to try to pass it.

But you can help stop it. Call 1-888-454-0483 or put in your number below to have us call you to be connected to your state representative and tell them to protect clean energy and ratepayers.

(Make a call to protect Oklahoma clean energy)

Talking points for your call

Hi, my name is ____________ and I'm calling to ask you to not support Senate Bill 1456.

  • This legislation is discounting of the value of distributed power. In peak periods like summer months, solar helps keep the lights on when utilities worry about meeting demand. It creates jobs, saves water, reduces emissions and helps avoid the need to build new power plants and new transmission.
  • People should not be penalized for these contributions.
    • If you install an energy efficient furnace to reduce your electricity consumption, the state will give you a tax credit.
    • But if you install a solar or wind system to reduce your electricity consumption, the state will force your utility to charge you more for using less, should this bill become law.
    • One person is punished by the state, and the other is rewarded - for exactly the same desirable outcome. 
    • This is a ridiculous double standard and it shouldn't be part of state law.
  • Conservation is a conservative value, and so is being self-sufficient. Homeowners producing their own energy is in line with Oklahoma values. Raising fees on homeowners to protect the profits of regulated monopoly corporations is not.

Thank you and please do not support Senate Bill 1456.


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