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Adult Tiles by Author




Abbey, Edward - Best of Edward Abbey, The
Alsup, Allison - Your Land and Mine
Annerino, John - Hiking the Grand Canyon
Ausubel, Kenny - Ecological Medicine
Ausubel, Kenny - Nature's Operating Instructions
Axcell, Claudia - Simple Foods for the Pack


Barlow, Zenobia - Ecological Literacy
Bass, Rick - Caribou Rising
Berry, Thomas - Dream of the Earth, The
Berry, Thomas - Evening Thoughts
Berry, Wendell - Unsettling of America, The
Blum, Arlene - Annapurna
Bly, Robert - News of the Universe
Bridge, Raymond - Bike Touring
Brower, David - Let the Mountains Talk, Let the Rivers Run
Brune, Michael - Coming Clean
Bullard, Robert D. - Quest for Environmental Justice, The
Buzzell, Linda and Chalquist, Craig eds. – Ecotherapy


Carle, David - Water and the California Dream
Chadwick, Douglas H.  - Grandest of Lives, The
Clifford, Hal - Downhill Slide
Creasy, Rosalind - Edible Landscaping


D'Aluisio, Faith - Women in the Material World
Donnelly, Terry - Wild Seattle
Duncan, David James - My Story as Told by Water
Duncan, David James - River Why, The


Egan, Timothy - Wild Seattle


Foster, Lynne - Adventuring in the California Desert


Goldsmith, Edward - Case Against the Global Economy, The
Gomes, Mary E. - Ecopsychology
Griffin, Susan - Woman and Nature


Harpignies, J.P. - Ecological Medicine
Harpignies, J.P. - Nature's Operating Instructions
Hart, John - Legacy
Hart, John - Walking Softly in the Wilderness


Imhoff, Daniel - Farming with the Wild
Imhoff, Daniel - Paper or Plastic


Johnson, Cathy - Sierra Club Guide to Painting in Nature, The
Johnson, Cathy - Sierra Club Guide to Sketching in Nature, The
Johnson, Shelton - Gloryland


Kals, W.S. - Land Navigation Handbook
Kinmont Kath, Vikki - Simple Foods for the Pack
Kershner, Bruce - Sierra Club Guide to the Ancient Forests of the Northeast, The
Kittle, Nancy - Legacy


Larson, Lane and Peggy  - Deserts of the Southwest, The
Lawrence, James - Wild L.A.
Leverett, Robert T. - Sierra Club Guide to the Ancient Forests of the Northeast, The


Malusa, Jim - Into Thick Air
Mander, Jerry - Case Against the Global Economy, The
Mander, Jerry - In the Absence of the Sacred
Mander, Jerry - Paradigm Wars
Menzel, Peter - Material World
Menzel, Peter - Women in the Material World
Moseley, Lyndsay & Sierra Club Books Editors – Holy Ground
Motavalli, Jim - Forward Drive


Norberg-Hodge, Helena - Ancient Futures



Palmer, Chris - Shooting in the Wild


Roszak, Theodore - Ecopsychology
Rowell, Galen - Bay Area Wild
Rowell, Galen - Galen Rowell - A Retrospective
Rowell, Galen - Galen Rowell's Vision
Rowell, Galen - Mountain Light
Rowell, Galen - Galen Rowell's Sierra Nevada


Savage, Candace - Bird Brains
Schaller, George B. - A Naturalist and Other Beasts
Schildgen, Bob - Hey Mr. Green!
Sewell, Michael - Bay Area Wild
Shepard, Paul - Only World We've Got, The
Sierra Club Books, Editors of - Galen Rowell - A Retrospective
Sierra Club Books, Editors of - Galen Rowell's Sierra Nevada
Smithsonian Institution - Butterfly Gardening
Sobel, David - Wild Play
Soles, Clyde - Land Navigation Handbook
Sorensen, Eric - Seven Wonders for a Cool Planet
Stewart-Burns, Shirley; Evans, Mari-Lynn and Silas House, eds. – Coal Country
Stone, Michael K. - Ecological Literacy


Tauli-Corpuz, Victoria - Paradigm Wars
Trouern-Trend, Jonathan - Birding Babylon


Wayburn, Edgar - Your Land and Mine


Xerces Society - Butterfly Gardening


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