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We Pay Our Taxes. Why Doesn't Big Oil?

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Stop Paying Twice for Gas!
"How much does the price of oil need to go up before [Big Oil] doesn't need subsidies?"

The answer to Senator Rockefeller's question is Big Oil already doesn't need the billions in tax breaks it receives every year, but none of the CEOs from the five largest oil companies would admit this when they testified before the Senate Finance Committee on Thursday, May 12th.

In fact, the day before ConocoPhillips went as far as to call removing tax loopholes for Big Oil "un-American" -- something CEO James Mulva refused to apologize for during the hearing.

Big Oil may think it's patriotic to skip out on their obligations despite raking in record profits every quarter, but we don't.

Call your U.S. senators and tell them "hard working Americans pay their taxes; it's time to make Big Oil pay its fair share."

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Check out our talking points:

  1. Hard working Americans across the country pay their taxes, but Big Oil companies receive billions in tax breaks every year. How can you justify the fact that the average American paid a higher effective tax rate than Exxon Mobil last year?

  2. The oil industry doesn't need our help. Big Oil just reported another quarter of record profits as they benefit from the $4+ per gallon price of gas that is hurting Americans at at the pump.

  3. Big Oil should be helping, not hurting the federal deficit. It's time for Congress to take REAL action for fiscal responsibility by eliminating the billions of dollars of tax giveaways to Big Oil.

  4. Big oil means big bucks for dictators. How can you justify giving tax subsidies to companies that send money to foreign nations ruled by brutal dictators who wield state-sponsored violence or shield terrorists?

  5. Instead of giving handouts to Big Oil, we must invest in transportation solutions that end our dependence on oil, including public transit and efficient cars that get at least 60 miles per gallon by 2025.

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