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The Oil is Still Here, and So Are We

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We must end our addiction to oil!
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Photo courtesy of U.S. Coast Guard
One Year After the BP Oil Disaster

A year after the catastrophic BP oil disaster on April 20th, 2010, Gulf Coast communities are still struggling to recover -- meanwhile, oil companies report record profits and push lawmakers for even more access to drill our lands and waters.

In January, the President's Oil Spill Commission released their final recommendations which support many of the Gulf Coast's recovery priorities, while helping to protect our nation's coasts from future drilling disasters. Gulf communities are still waiting for action from Congress and the Administration to restore the region.

The BP oil disaster has vividly demonstrated that our country must end its dependence on oil and embrace a cleaner, safer energy future for all Americans. Our oil addiction endangers the health and well-being of our families, puts our national and economic security at risk, and imperils our land, air and water.

Join with the Sierra Club as we work to restore the Gulf Coast, end our addiction to oil, and create a healthier, cleaner future.

Tell Your Senators the Time to Act is NOW!

It's been one year since the BP oil disaster, and the Gulf Coast is STILL waiting for action from Congress. Call your senators today and tell them:
  1. The Oil Spill Commission's recommendations must be adopted and implemented, including:
    • The creation of a Gulf of Mexico Regional Citizen's Advisory Council so that local community leaders inform recovery efforts.
    • Returning 80% of the Clean Water Act fines BP will pay to the Gulf Coast for ecological restoration.
  2. It's time to end the billions in subsidies given to Big Oil every year.
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Photo: Julie Dermansky
Stand in solidarity with Gulf Coast communities still dealing with the impacts of the BP oil disaster every day by joining us on Facebook as we say:

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It's time to restore and protect the Gulf Coast to give affected communities the support they need and prevent future, catastrophic, oil disasters.

It's time to end the dangerous and deadly addiction to oil that led to the BP disaster and continues to fuel expanded offshore drilling.

And it's time to end the billions in taxpayer handouts to Big Oil companies and start holding the industry accountable for the destruction it causes.


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