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What can you tell me about the Sierra Club and its mission?

The Sierra Club was founded in 1892 by legendary conservationist John Muir with the initial goal of securing federal protection for the Yosemite Valley region. Today, the Sierra Club is the nation’s oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization, and its members and supporters are more than 1.3 million of your friends and neighbors. Inspired by nature, we work together to protect our communities and the planet.

To find out more about Sierra Club’s unparalleled 115+ year history of protecting wild places in America, visit the Sierra Club's history of accomplishments.

Our mission is to: Explore, enjoy and protect the wild places of the earth. Practice and promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems and resources. Educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment. Use all lawful means to carry out these objectives.
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How does my symbolic sponsorship help wild places and wildlife?

83.3% of every dollar you give to Sierra Club goes to the implementation of conservation programs. When you give to the Sierra Club you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to preserve irreplaceable wildlands, save endangered and threatened wildlife, keep our air and water clean and help solve global warming. You can be sure that your voice will be heard through congressional lobbying and grassroots action on the environmental issues that matter to you most.
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Is my symbolic sponsorship tax-deductible?

No. Contributions, gifts, and dues to the Sierra Club are not tax deductible. They support our effective, citizen-based advocacy and lobbying efforts.
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Can the Certificate to my gift recipient be personalized?

Yes, you can personalize your Sponsorship Certificate with the recipient's name by entering it in the required field on the item's order page.
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Can I add a personal note to my gift recipient?

Yes, you may add a gift note up to a maximum of 250 characters. Your gift note will appear on the thank you letter enclosed with the sponsorship gift package.
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What if I don't want the plush puppet or other gifts?

For any sponsorship, you can choose not to receive the plush puppet, rucksack or additional gifts. This is a great option if you would prefer the total amount of your donation to go towards saving our wild places and our other critical work on behalf of the environment.
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Can I ship a sponsorship gift outside of the US?

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship any part of a sponsorship gift outside the United States.
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Can I make a symbolic sponsorship outside the US?

We are unable to ship sponsorship gifts internationally; however, anyone can make a symbolic sponsorship gift from anywhere in the world so long as it is shipped to an address within the U.S.
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When I sponsor a wild place, am I sponsoring part of an actual place?

No. Your sponsorship is symbolic, you are not sponsoring part of an actual place. Your donation allows you to become a sponsor of Sierra Club’s conservation efforts, including those on behalf of these wild places.
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Can I gift-wrap my sponsorship gift?

Your plush puppet comes wrapped in plain white tissue made from recycled paper - presentable as is or ready to go into a gift bag of your choosing.
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Can I sponsor more than one wild place at a time?

Absolutely! Just choose all the places you'd like and add them to your shoping cart.
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Where and how are the plush puppets and other gifts made?

Our puppets and rucksacks are made by reputable companies in China. All items are manufactured in factories adhering to the practices of the Fair Labor Association Guidelines and their Workplace Code of Conduct.
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How long will it take to receive the sponsorship gifts?

Items shipped using our standard FREE shipping should arrive in 5-10 business days. Items shipped by EXPRESS shipping should arrive in approximately 3-5 business days. 
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What are the express shipping rates?

Sponsorship LevelStandard Shipping
   Cost        Shipping Time
Express Shipping
   Cost        Shipping Time
$25 Sponsorships FREE! Approximately 5-10 Business Days $12 Approximately 3-5 Business Days
$50 Sponsorships FREE! Approximately 5-10 Business Days $14 Approximately 3-5 Business Days
$75 Sponsorships FREE! Approximately 5-10 Business Days $16 Approximately 3-5 Business Days

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What do I do if I have problems with my order?

Please contact Member Services at (415) 977-5653 or with any questions. Our hours are Monday - Friday, 9 to 5 PST.

Can I give a sponsorship in honor of a special occasion?

Yes. A sponsorship gift is a great way to mark a special event, such as a wedding, anniversary or birthday, in the life of someone you love. You can personalize your gift during checkout and your special message will appear on the thank you letter enclosed with the sponsorship gift package.


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