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Take action on behalf of Acadia National Park.   ACADIA NATIONAL PARK
Right now a proposal is underway that would allow a large scale resort complex to be built along the Schoodic Peninsula, considered by many to be the "quiet part of Acadia." Sign our petition and help protect the integrity of the Schoodic Peninsula and Maine's only National Park.
Take Action to Protect Acadia
Take action on behalf of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge   ARCTIC NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE
All across the Arctic, rapid climate change is altering fragile habitat, and the push to drill for oil and gas is mounting. Polar bears, walrus, caribou, beluga whale, and countless other species have roamed the far north for centuries but now they are under siege. Sign our petition and take action on behalf of this special place.
Take Action to Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Take Action to Protect the Badlands!   BADLANDS NATIONAL PARK
While Badlands National Park is protected from exploitation and development by law, the surrounding national grasslands are not so lucky and are highly vulnerable. Sign our petition asking your Senator to stop The Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act.

Take Action to Protect Badlands National Park
Take Action to Protect the Everglades!   EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK
Scientists have concluded that existing habitat for the Florida panther is the bare minimum the remaining population - fewer than 50 panthers! - needs to survive. Sign our petition and tell the Secretary of the Interior to restore critical habitat for the Florida panther.

Take Action to Protect the Everglades National Park
Take action on behalf of the Giant Sequoia National Monument   GIANT SEQUOIA NATIONAL MONUMENT
When the Giant Sequoia National Monument was established, it was designed to protect the entire Giant Sequoia ecosystem in perpetuity. But, since inception, the Forest Service has opened the door to excessive levels of logging. Sign our petition and help us transfer management of the National Park Service.
Take Action to Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 
Grand Canyon National Park   GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK
Send a message of thanks to Secretary Salazar for temporarily placing one million acres of public lands surrounding the Grand Canyon off limits to new uranium mining claims.

Take Action to Protect the Grand Canyon National Park
Take action on behalf of Yellowstone National Park   YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK
Since they were first put on the Endangered Species list in 1989, grizzly bears have made only a modest recovery. With fewer than 1,300 left in the lower 48 states, grizzly bears still need to be protected. Sign our petition and help protect Yellowstone's grizzlies.

Take Action to Protect Yellowstone National Park
Take action on behalf of Yosemite National Park   YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK
Traffic congestion and air pollution from too many automobiles are threatening to ruin the experience for everyone visiting Yosemite National Park. Sign our petition and help us protect Yosemite so that once again a visit to the Park is a world class experience.

Take Action to Protect Yosemite National Park


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