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The fight to protect the Arctic Ocean goes on

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President Obama has given final approval to allow Shell to drill in the Arctic Ocean. His decision goes against science, the will of the people, and common sense.

The President ignored his advisors when they said that any drilling in the Arctic carries a 75-percent risk of a major oil spill. He ignored hundreds of thousands of activists who came together to say "Shell No" to drilling in the Arctic. And he has ignored common sense as Shell continues to commit one reckless mistake after another.

However, the fight isn't over. Let's not rest until President Obama cancels all drilling and future leases and protects the Arctic Ocean. He needs to hear from you now.

Tell President Obama that we won't back down. It is time for him to come to his senses, stop all drilling and future leases and give our pristine Arctic Ocean the protection it deserves.

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Protect our air, land, water and wildlife!
H.R. 2822 will gut protections that keep our air clean and our drinking water safe, that protect our rivers and oceans from unlimited dumping of waste, and that safeguard our imperiled wildlife from substantial harm.
Protect the Antiquities Act!
The Antiquities Act, critical legislation that has allowed for the protection of some of America's most treasured places.
Reauthorize and Fully Fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund!
National parks like Rocky Mountain and the Grand Canyon , as well as national wildlife refuges, national forests, rivers and lakes, community parks, trails, and ball fields were set aside for Americans to enjoy thanks to LWCF.
Tell Congress to stop siding with dirty coal ash polluters
The "Improving Coal Combustion Residuals Regulation Act of 2015" guts the new EPA rule of public health protections and places American communities at increased risk of toxic exposure and catastrophic disasters. Send a message to oppose it!
Trade agreements should not be made behind closed doors.
If Congress thinks they can flood our communities with more fracking thanks to a secret trade agreement, we'd better flood their offices with messages!
Urgent: Tell Congress to create green jobs!
We need Congress to support a critical bill that was recently introduced, The Job Creation through Energy Efficient Manufacturing.
Vote NO on the Arizona Borderlands and Protection Act!
The Arizona Borderlands Protection and Preservation Act would circumvent every existing legal protection applicable to federal public lands in a vast, 10 million acre area of Arizona to its unattainable objective of entirely sealing the southwest border.
Honor Buffalo Soldiers in our national parks!
Introduced in February of last year, the Buffalo Soldiers in the National Parks Study Act (S.225/H.R. 520) authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to determine the best way of commemorating the role Buffalo Soldiers played.
Keep dirty fuels in the ground
Tell President Obama to keep dirty fuels in the ground.

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