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More than 80 years ago, a road called the Tamiami Trail choked off the Everglades from the water it needs to survive. Cut off from its main water source, Everglades National Park is literally drying up and sinking. The only way to save it is to restore its natural flow. The National Park Service now has a plan to elevate 5.5 miles of the road to help restore the flow.

Sign the petition below and tell the Obama Administration to move forward quickly with the 5.5 mile plan to save the Everglades.
Attn: Mr. Bruce Boler, Everglades National Park
Dear Mr. Boler:
I strongly support the recommended 5.5 mile bridge plan, Alt. 6E, to help restore America's Everglades.
The 5.5 mile plan will benefit wildlife by restoring water flows to the Everglades and Florida Bay. It will offer travelers from across the globe an internationally-renowned panoramic view while driving through the Everglades. The recommended plan will help rehydrate the Everglades' soils, keeping the low-lying wetlands from sinking further and making them more resilient to sea-level rise, while helping to protect the Everglades from oil spills by flushing fresh water through the wetlands and coastal mangroves.
The time has come for us to undo the damage brought upon the Everglades more than 80 years ago. Let's not lose this opportunity.
We apologize, but this action is no longer available. Please visit our Action Center for current opportunities:


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