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Wow!  What a success! Hundreds of thousands of people attended over 900 Hands Across the Sand events in 39 countries. Together we created a line in the sand against offshore drilling and called on our leaders to move America beyond oil. 

Check out these pictures and stories from the Hands Across the Sand events on June 26, 2010. We don't want to miss out on recording this historic day--will you share your story with us today?

Reports from Events Across the Country:

From Lindsey Hajduk, AK: 
With over 100 people involved, I haven't seen any rally in Alaska that big.  (It's especially amazing considering how Big Oil owns AK).  We had folks from throughout the area attend, including Chief Paul Theodore who told me how his father had been born on the beach we were standing at, and how he used to go fishing and hunting across the Cook Inlet when he was five to hunt Beluga Whales--no kidding!  It was inspiring to have his wisdom with us.

From Marti Daltry, FL:
Barefoot Beach was the site of one of the Hands Across the Sand Events. By one count, we had 79 folks lined up on the beach with signs and smiles...and even a few children joined in. While we were standing there, a dolphin swam by as if endorsing our efforts on his/her behalf!

Rebeecca O'Farrell, VA:
I was at 20th St, in Virginia Beach.  I felt great, knowing that I can show up, to take a stand to show the need, and want, for cleaner energy, not only in Virginia, but for the US.   If Hands Across the Sand will get the message out, I'd do it every weekend!

From Glen Besa, VA:
Over 1000 folks at the VA Beach Ocean Front.  Total of 1600 including five other events across the state- Five in Hampton Raods; one in Richmond.  At the five smaller events, they were volunteer driven and we identified some great take charge folks who organized these events.

From Robert Harris, HI:
Around 200 people showed up.  We created a mock oil spill and had several folks cover themselves up with chocolate to simulate the "look" of oil.  The Chair of the Hawaii Senate Energy and Environment committee came a spoke for a few minutes and shared his commitment to move Hawaii off of oil.

From Lauren McGrath, KY:
We had almost 100 people attend, great media coverage and speakers.  Many people found connection and inspiration through event - because as we've watch this tragedy unfold many of us have had a sense of helplessness.  Events like this provide a constructive venue for many citizens to engage.
(also, Congressman Yarmouth spoke at this event in Louisville)


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