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Take Action to Move Beyond Coal

Ask Governor Bullock to support the Clean Power Plan Take Action
Tell Governor Bullock you support the Clean Power Plan and urge him to move forward with developing a Montana-made plan that will advance clean energy and reduce harmful carbon pollution.
Ask Governor Snyder to Take the First Step for Offshore Wind Take Action
Great Lakes Offshore wind offers a tremendous opportunity to build our clean energy economy. The first step is creating a regulatory framework so Michigan can evaluate offshore wind projects. Sign the petition to tell Gov. Snyder to take the first step!
Ensure Missouri takes bold climate action! Take Action
Tell Governor Nixon and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) now is the time for Missouri to take bold climate action!
EPA: Put our health first, no more mountaintop removal! Take Action
Tell the EPA to make our health a priority and end mountaintop removal coal mining.
It's Time to Move Oklahoma Beyond Coal! Take Action
Communities in Oklahoma are suffering the adverse impacts on air and water quality due to pollution from coal-fired power plants. It is time to begin the transition to clean, homegrown renewable energy solutions. Sign the petition to move OK beyond coal!
KDHE Got Too Cozy With Sunflower On Permit Take Action
Email correspondence uncovered by the KC Star show that Sunflower Electric had undue influence over their permit approval for a new coal plant. Write EPA and ask them to object to the permit KDHE unfairly issued to Sunflower.
Make Nevada a leader on energy efficiency! Take Action
Between 2008 and 2013, Nevada fell from 15th in the nation to 33rd on energy efficiency performance. Don't let the backslide continue. Tell the Legislature to study energy efficiency and keep it growing in Nevada!
Power Lansing with clean energy, not dirty fossil fuels Take Action
It's time to plan for the future, not cling to the dirty relics of our past.
Protect Alaskans rights and water! Take Action
With mega-projects such as Chuitna coal mine, Pebble mine, and Susitna dam on the table, our governor wants to take us out of this decision-making process. Tell the DNR to stop promoting the Silencing Alaskans Act!
Save Solar Jobs in Nevada! Take Action
Help keep Nevada #1 in the nation for solar jobs.
Stop Coal and Oil Transports Through Our Communities! Take Action
Speak up against expanding dirty coal and oil transports through Eastern Washington.
Stop the Pipeline to Pollution in My State! Take Action
Let the State Department know you want clean energy that creates jobs in the United States instead of permitting a pipeline to pollution in your state.
Stop the Tongue River Railroad Take Action
The Tongue River Railroad is the key piece in Arch Coal's plans to strip mine Otter Creek Valley. Help protect this pristine landscape and ranch land from destruction.
Take Action to Move Massachusetts Beyond Coal! Take Action
Send a message to Tom Farrell, CEO of Dominion Energy and urge him to invest in clean energy and energy efficiency and move beyond coal.
Tell Governor Hickenlooper to Grow Colorado's Clean Energy! Take Action
Tell Governor Hickenlooper to sign SB-252 into law today and grow Colorado's clean, renewable energy!
Tell our co-op stop spending your money to fight the EPA Take Action
Tell our co-op stop spending our money to fight the EPA
Tell the CA Public Utilities Commission to protect rooftop solar Take Action
The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is taking comments now and will vote on the fate of our rooftop solar program this fall. Send a message to Commission President Michael Picker now and urge him to protect rooftop solar.
Tell the LA City Council to Fall In Love With Clean Energy! Take Action
Send the LA City Council a Valentine's card and tell them fall in love with clean energy and green jobs and break up with coal once and for all.
Tell The LADWP To Lead On Clean Energy! Take Action
Every two years the LA Department of Water and Power takes pubilc input on their plans to provide LA with electricity and power. Send them a comment and tell them to lead the nation in the transititon from coal to clean energy!
Tell the PUC: Replace San Onofre with 100% clean energy! Take Action
Tell the PUC: Replace San Onofre with 100% clean energy!
Tell Xcel Energy and the PUC: We won't stand for attacks on rooftop solar! Take Action
Tell Xcel Energy and the PUC: We won't stand for attacks on rooftop solar!
Your tax dollars being used to destroy the Great Barrier Reef? Take Action
Tell U.S. Export-Import Bank Chairman Fred Hochberg to reject the Alpha Coal Project.


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