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10/10/10 Global Work Parties

On October 10th, 2010 activists around the planet will come together for a global day of action for climate solutions.

Join us as we fight climate change in the U.S. by working to end our dangerous addiction to oil through smarter transportation choices, including alternatives to car use -- like walking, biking and public transit -- cleaning up our vehicles, and making our cars more efficient.

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Find your local paper. If this source does not work, search on google by your paper's name, city and state. 10-Step Plan for 10/10/10 (pdf)

Find out more. Top Transportation Facts (pdf)

Find out more. How to Get Media Coverage (pdf)

Find out more. Sample Letter to the Editor (pdf)

Find out more. Sample Press Advisories (coming soon)

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Sierra Club Work Party Ideas

1) Global Work(out) Party: Ditch the Car & Get Active: Organize a parade or group ride or walk through your town center that highlights how people can reduce their oil use through active transportation—walking, biking, roller blading, skateboarding.
  • Be sure to plan out your route in advance.  If you can't get permits for a parade route or road closures, organize a group bike ride and make sure participants know the rules of the road and bike safety basics.
  • Encourage participants to bring signs or wear t-shirts with messages about reducing oil use.
  • Hand out materials on local bike routes and the benefits of active transportation.
  • Invite local bike shops to set up free tune-up stations at the start and/or end of the parade or bike route.
  • Invite as many people as possible to be a part of the parade.  
  • Be sure to invite the media to the event!
2) Reduce Your Oil Footprint: Exhibit ways the general public can make everyday choices to reduce their oil dependency.
  • Choose a well-trafficked public area, ideally accessible to both cars and public transportation.
  • Show people how to check their tire pressure (digital gauges are usually around $10, and the appropriate tire pressure for each car can usually be found on a yellow sticker in the doorjamb on the driver side or in the owners manual.)
  • Hand out materials on local public transportation and bike routes.
  • Invite a local bike shop to come do free bike tune-ups.
  • If you have access to an electric or hybrid vehicle you can also feature it at this event.
  • People Needed: five to ten volunteers.
3) Mass Education for Mass Transit: Pass out literature on oil savings at a public venue encouraging people to use mass transit.
  • Choose a well-trafficked public area, ideally accessible to both cars and public transportation.
  • Invite the public relations office for the local public transportation authority to set up a table with information on how to use public transit in the area.
  • Get creative - do street theatre, interview people on the street, and bring hand-made signs.
  • Have some volunteers walk through the crowds passing out information on the benefits of using public transportation and how to use the public transit in your area.
  • People needed: five to ten volunteers.


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