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What's This Halloween's Scariest Threat to the Planet?  

These are scary times, friends and neighbors, and with Fright Night fast approaching, we wondered which of these ghouls, goblins, and bugaboos is keeping you up at night.  

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Flotsam and Jetsam
Somewhere in the Pacific lurks a continent-sized patch of plastic trash floating on the waves, swirling in the current like a giant toilet with a broken flusher.
Monsters, Inc.
Old Mr. Peabody doesn't just haul off the coal anymore. These days, he blows up some of the world's oldest mountains to get at it and then dumps the rubble in streambeds.
Factory farms keep pumping livestock full of antibiotics even as scientists warn that doing so could create more drug-resistant "superbugs" that could kill millions.

Dry Mouth
Admit it: The weather has gotten strange. The country is parched and not just the arid southwest. Normally wet Atlanta has only three months of water left.

The Meltdown
Glaciers around the globe are fast receding, and the Arctic ice cap reached an all-time low this summer, diminishing to one-third of its normal size. That wasn't supposed to happen so soon.






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