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Sierra Club, Arizona's Grand Canyon Chapter

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Keep our public lands public!
The AZ Legislature is seeking to gain control over federal public lands and remove important protections. Ask them to vote No on these bills and others and to keep our public lands public.
Protect Arizona's Waters!
Arizona Legislators are seeking to remove Clean Water Act protections from our rivers and streams. Please ask them to vote NO on HCR2027 and other bills to undermine these protections.
Protect Grand Canyon Watershed
Ask President Obama to designate Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument as America's next national monument.
Protect Native Plants!
Please ask your representatives to oppose this bill to limit salvage and planting of native plants.
Protect Our Public Lands!
Please oppose efforts to put harmful roads through public lands. Take action today!
Restore the Rule of Law in Our Borderlands!
Ten years ago, passage of the Real ID Act resulted in the largest waiver of law in U.S. history. Please send a message to your Congressional representatives asking them to restore the rule of law on our borderlands.
Speak Up for Clean Water!
Please speak up for protection of Arizona's rivers and streams. Ask your legislators to vote NO on bills to limit Clean Water Act protections.
Speak Up for Wolf Recovery!
Please contact your state representatives and urge them to oppose SB1185, a bill to fund litigation to hinder wolf recovery.
Take Action to Support Renewable Energy!
Ask your state senator to oppose SB1134, which, if passed, would include nuclear power as a renewable energy resource in Arizona.
Urgent - The Borderlands Need Your Help!
Contact your representative to encourage comprehensive immigration reform that doesn't come at the cost of border communities and the environment.