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Pandora Isn't the Only Planet in Peril!

Greedy corporations that heartlessly threaten communities are not limited to Pandora. People in our world are facing the same type of threats by corporations looking to profit from the reckless extraction of natural resources. Instead of unobtanium, these battles on Earth are over resources like coal and oil.

Practices like mountaintop-removal coal mining and oil-sands extraction are endangering some of our oldest, most diverse forests and threatening the traditional stewards of the land -- all to feed our country's dependence on dirty fuels and pad the pockets of energy-industry executives.

In Appalachia, families that have lived in hollows for generations are seeing their mountains destroyed by mountaintop-removal mining. The process involves blowing the tops off of mountains to get at thin seams of coal and then pushing the waste into the valleys below -- poisoning drinking water, laying waste to wildlife habitats, increasing the risk of flooding, and wiping out entire communities. More than 500 mountains have been destroyed so far, and many more will be lost unless we act now.

In Alberta, oil-sands extraction threatens the Boreal forest, one of the last remaining wild forests in the world. The alarming rate and destructiveness of this shameful extraction is accelerating global warming, threatening water supplies, and exposing local communities to toxic water and fumes.

Sadly, these are just two of too many battles against dirty energy that Sierra Club volunteers and supporters are currently fighting. We need your help to ensure that greedy corporations like the one depicted in Avatar do not destroy irreplaceable natural treasures. Sign our petition to support a transition to clean, responsible sources of energy.


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Sign Our Petition!

Dear Mr. President:

Dirty energy should be a thing of the past. We cannot let it hold us back from building a clean, secure energy future -- one that will benefit all communities and create sustainable green careers. Our nation needs to take the lead and transition to a clean-energy economy, one powered by renewable energies like wind and solar -- not dirty fuels.

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