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Occupy Koch Town, Wichita, KS

February 17 - 19, 2012


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As a member of the Occupy Koch Town coalition, the Sierra Club is providing these informational and sign-up page for all attendees – everyone is welcome, whether or not you are a Sierra Club member.

Thank you for reaching this website and your interest in 'Occupy Koch Town'!


What is the Keystone XL Pipeline?

Keystone XL Pipeline will travel 1,700 miles from Alberta's Tar Sands through Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas to Gulf refineries to be shipped out to non-domestic shores.


A Canadian energy company called TransCanada proposed this multi-billion project and its numerous attempts at obtaining a permit have not produced the desired result for the past three (3) years.  The oil traveling through the pipeline would be Tar Sands bitumen, the world's dirtiest oil and is highly corrosive.  It must be heated to travel through the pipeline adding futher risk.  Would you want a 36" circumference pipeline of this dirty and highly corrosive oil to reach across your property, your state, your country to serve the Energy Industry and largest profit makers in the world?  That is what TransCanada wants! Join us in 'Koch Town" to say 'NO' to KXL PIPELINE!


Leading up to today's Occupy Koch Town event, James Hansen, leading global climate change scientist and head of NASA, provided a powerful testimony at: See the Keystone Pipeline route and the Keystone Pipeline expansion route at


Click on the interactive map for details.  (Source: State Impact, a reporting project of local public media and NPR (


See images of the pipeline's environmental impact at


'Occupy Koch Town' is planned for Presidents' Day Weekend, February 17-19, 2012, in Wichita, Kansas, hometown and headquarters of Koch Industries, Charles and David Koch and their think-tank, the Kansas Policy Institute.

Along with direct action, Occupy Koch Town will include focused discussions of how energy policy is endangering our climate and ecosystem, and how corporate dominance of politics and distortion of science, exemplified by the Koch brothers, is perpetuating bad energy policy.  There will be plenty of time for cross-talk and planning for future actions by Occupiers, Sierrans, and others who come to act on behalf of "the 99%".  

The organizers of Occupy Koch Town represent various Mid–West Occupations of the Occupy movement;  local, regional, and national groups, including Sierra Club and others representing not only environmental issues and concerns; but also, the related concerns of the 99%, including the connection of those issues to the interference of "the 1%"!  We are members of many different Occupy groups; the Sierra Club; smaller local and regional environmental multi-cultural and multi-ethnic groups; and faith and interfaith communities; we represent concerns for jobs, labor and unions, farmers, students, educators, and other individuals and groups, with new ones joining in daily! You and your group or organizations are welcome. If you or friends need inexpensive transportation or lodging, please sign up immediately.

'Occupy Koch Town' will have a discussion-provoking 'teach-in' including speakers (electronic and/or in person) such as:

  • Bill McKibben of and Tar Sands Action, Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College and prolific environmental author;

  • Mike Elk, Washington D.C. based journalist with In These Times;

  • Richard Mabion, of "Race and Occupy Wall Street", member, Kansas chapter, Sierra Club; Building a Sustainable Earth Community;

  • Robin Mann, President of Sierra Club Board of Directors

  • Donna Buell, Board of Directors, Sierra Club

  • Dave Murphy from Food Democracy Now;

  • Mary Lindsay, a leader of Kansas City Move To Amend;

  • Richard Davies, author of 'Heirloom' and faculty member of Wichita State University;

  • Jim Turner, associate professor emeritus of Truman State University and current Missouri Chapter Chair, Sierra Club;

  • Yvonne Cather, Kansas Chapter Chair, Sierra Club;

  • Kent Rowe, Former Green party Mayor of Longton, Kansas, Ph.D. Industrial Engineering Wichita State University (WSU), Pipeline Safety Contractor, Wichita Occupy;

  • Charles Eisenstein, faculty of Goddard College, author of 'Ascent of Humanity' and soon to be released, 'Sacred Economics';

  • Representatives of Native American First Nations;

  • Representatives of Interfaith Community;

  • Monta Welch, President and Founder of Columbia Climate Change Coalition and also Interfaith Care for Creation and participant in Occupy CoMo.

Thank you for your commitment to the environment and our Occupy Koch Town Rally!

Help Spread the Word, click here for downloadable handbillsfliers, press release, schedule of events, and postcard to President Obama.

Click here for lodging accomodations and contact information - camping and hotels.

Friday, February 17:   We'll start early registration and orientation at Grand Chapel, 828 N. Broadway, Wichita, Kansas, where you will find a choice of interesting activities.  You may choose to review and discuss event related Documentaries and we'll hold student teach-ins on Greening Your Campus.  You may also choose to gather at Reflection Park in downtown Wichita for an Occupy Muster and downtown rally

We'll break for dinner at a place of your choosing and meet at The Grand Chapel, 828 N. Broadway, Wichita, Kansas, for an evening of speakers, preparation of our Grand March, poster & button making party & music. 

View a detailed 3 day schedule for Occupy Koch Town here.

Keystone XL for Occupy Koch #3







Saturday, February 18:  In the morning, we'll meet at the Grand Chapel, 828 N. Broadway, Wichita, Kansas, to begin discussions of climate, the environment, and politics, and the Koch brothers' impacts.

We'll hear speakers in person and electronically like Bill McKibben and plan for this very important political year.  After noon, we'll hold a Grand March through downtown Wichita as a wake-up call to American voters, and we'll rally outside the Kansas Policy Institute (the Koch Brothers' think tank)

Lunch and dinner in Grand Chapel's spacious reception area will enhance our fellowship for ongoing work and we'll have a special drawing for Occupy Koch Town art and memorabilia.  

Be sure to RSVP right away! Make out your payment to Sierra Club and mail in your payment in c/o Yvonne Cather, Sierra Club Kansas Chapter, 2935 S. Seneca, Wichita, Kansas, 67217 before February 14.  

After February 14, there will be some limited meal tickets at the door.  For each meal purchased you will recieve four (4) tickets for a drawing to win fabulous artwork.  You may purchase additional tickets for the drawing at $1 each to help 'Occupy Koch Town' fundraise.

The evening concludes with a General Assembly discussion, including plans for the next day and 'Next Steps', final speakers, announcement of our 'Distinguished Artist Award, drawing winners, and a finale of bands and live music.

View a detailed 3 day schedule for Occupy Koch Town here.

Keystone XL for Occupy Koch #4

Sunday, February 19: On Sunday, we'll gather for a potluck cook-out late brunch at Chisholm Creek Park, 3228 N. Oliver, Wichita, Kansas (29th N. & Oliver St.) Then we’ll proceed into a direct action as selected during the Saturday General Assembly: probably either another march on Koch Industries, or selected neighborhood voter registration and canvass, Sunday will also include a First Nations, Interfaith, and humanist send-off.

View a detailed 3 day schedule for Occupy Koch Town here.

**Schedules may be subject to small modifications.




Please note this event and coalition has pledged to abide by the following:

Occupy COMO Pledge of Non-Violence

Our attitude as conveyed through words, symbols and actions will be one of openness,friendliness, and respect toward all people we encounter, including police officers, members of the larger community, and all occupiers.
We will not assault, either verbally or physically, those who oppose or disagree with us, even if they assault us.

We will protect those who oppose us from insult or attack.
We will carry no weapons.
We will not vandalize.
We will not use or carry alcohol or illegal drugs.

If a person is unable to comply with the above items they shall remove themselves from the Occupy event. If they are breaking the law and fail to remove themselves, the police will be called.


Sponsors, Friends & Supporters:


Columbia Climate Change Coalition

Occupy Koch Cosponsors logo

Sierra Club Missouri Chapter
Sierra Club Kansas Chapter
Sierra Club Southwind Group
Sierra Club Kanza Group
Sierra Club Wakarusa Group
Sierra Club Flint Hills Group
Sierra Club Topeka Group
Occupy CoMo
Occupy Wichita
Occupy Lawrence
Occupy Kansas City
Occupy Tulsa
Occupy Oklahoma City
Barber County Occupy
Race & Occupy Wall Street
Interfaith Care for Creation
Building A Sustainable Earth Community
Move to Amend
Tar Sands Actions
Bold Nebraska
Wichita Renewable Energy Club
Food Democracy Now
Nation of Change
Deep Green Movie

Calling All 'Occupy Koch Town' Artists

Get exposure, recognition, and much appreciation while helping us fundraise!

Use your art to express yourself and support the cause while helping build the movement!

All artistic media formats will be considered for gifting the 'original' work to the 'Occupy Koch Town' Coalition, who will then use your gift to advance the cause, and in some cases, as a gift in a drawing, to be held as part of our fundraiser and announced at our event on Saturday night!

Your work will also have a chance to 'score points' in a contest utilizing 'The People's Vote' and an opportunity to win our Distinguished Artist Awards from the 'Occupy Koch Town' Coalition.

All artistic expression, visual media, poetry, music and songwriting will be considered for the

'Occupy Koch Town' Distinguished Artist Awards!

We very much appreciate your talents! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us all!

Please contact us by the email or phone listed below as soon as possible!

Deadline for entries: 2/15/2012

Sign-Up, Help Spread the Word about 'Occupy Koch Town'

Mail or deliver art to be recieved by February 15:

c/o Yvonne Cather, Sierra Club Kansas Chapter, 2935 S. Seneca, Wichita, Kansas

Contact Us At:

Twitter at: #OKT

or at: #occupykochtown

Facebook Events Page: Occupy Koch Town

(573) 443-4717

(573) 777-2216


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