No Coal Export on the Columbia River


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Deny the Morrow Pacific Coal Export Permit - DSL Permit No. APP0049123; Army Corps Permit No. NWP-2012-56

Dear [Decision Maker],

ATTN - Oregon Department of State Lands, Governor John Kitzhaber, US Army Corps of Engineers:

I am opposed to Ambre Energy's Morrow-Pacific coal export project on the Columbia River, which would send 8.8 million tons of coal by rail from Montana and Wyoming to Boardman, Oregon, and by barge down the Columbia River and on to Asia. This coal export project, and others, will harm Oregon's health, economy, and the environment and poses serious risks to communities from start to finish. I urge the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) to deny this permit and say 'no' to the use of state lands and waters for coal export from Oregon.

Again, I urge DSL to deny the Morrow-Pacific coal export permit because coal export is simply not consistent with the protection, conservation and best use of our state's water resources, and will harm public health and the environment.

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