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Tell the Dept. of Interior "NO" to dangerous offshore seismic exploration!

DOI's Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is collecting public comment on its draft seismic exploration plan. This plan calls for seismic surveys intended to reveal locations of oil and gas deposits deep below the ocean floor.  It's a first step towards drilling offshore that we don't want in the first place, and it threatens serious harm to our marine life.

Tell BOEM and President Obama to protect the bountiful Atlantic Ocean!

Please send a message urging adoption of Alternative C which would prevent the constant use of air guns blasting into hundreds of acres of ocean waters  repeatedly for weeks and months on end.  Such intense seismic activity is completely unnecessary in supporting renewable energy development, such as offshore wind. Our coastal environment is too precious to risk with ANY drilling-related activity. 

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  • The President Barack Obama
  • Mr. Gary D. Goeke


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Draft PEIS for Atlantic Ocean Seismic Exploration

Dear [Decision Maker],

I urge the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to pursue Alternative C. Allow no exploration for oil and gas and only what's minimally necessary to support renewable energy development.

Constantly combing hundreds of acres of ocean, air gun blasts just three miles from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, WILL have a devastating impact on fish and marine life. It will have an impact on the North Atlantic Right Whale, only about 400 of which are left in the world and it will depress commercial fish catches. Just ask a number of foreign countries required to compensate fishermen for their losses due to seismic activities.

This intense level of seismic study is completely unnecessary to support offshore wind development, a clean energy source we can all support. I stand hand-in-hand with other concerned citizens across Virginia ready to assist BOEM in powering America with clean renewable energy ASAP, but we won't accept offshore drilling off Virginia, and we won't accept putting our marine and fish life at risk from its associated seismic surveys.

The best and most prudent policy is to not allow this destructive seismic testing. The time has come to wean this country off oil and other fossil fuels, not continue to despoil our environment in a desperate effort to drain the last few drops of oil. I would hope this Administration has the courage to do that and not pander to API and the oil industry.

Thank you.

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