Tell Facebook: Quit ALEC and stop funding climate denial!

Mark Zuckerberg is now in the climate denial business. That's right: Facebook, like Google and Exxon, is now funding ALEC's extremist attacks on our democracy and environment. 

ALEC is a right-wing legislation factory that pushes climate denial in public schools and helped spread the infamous "stand your ground" laws. While Facebook has committed to using only clean energy, that won't mean a thing if it helps pass ALEC's anti-clean energy agenda. 

Nearly 100,000 SierraRise supporters told Google to quit ALEC -- and their executives noticed. It's time to create that same pressure on some of ALEC's other new tech backers, starting with Facebook.

Tell Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: No more attacks on our environment! Quit ALEC now!
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Facebook must quit ALEC immediately

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