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Put Kansas's Zombie Coal Project to Rest

Since 2002, Sierra Club has fought off proposals for more than 150 new coal-fired plants. Along the way, our activists have coined a term for a coal plant proposal that just won't go away -- a zombie coal project.

For more than a decade, Kansas has been beset by plans for an unnecessary, expensive, and dirty coal-fired power plant near Holcomb, Kansas. In spite of setback after setback, including a lack of interest from investors, permitting problems, and a vastly-changed energy landscape, the Holcomb zombie project coal project lives on.

The latest attempt at resurrecting this boondoggle coal proposal comes from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). In October of last year, the Kansas Supreme Court reversed the issuance of a 2010 permit for the project and sent it back to KDHE. In January, ignoring the many faults of the original permit, KDHE hastily reissued the permit essentially unchanged.

Suddenly, this zombie coal project appears to have new life. But we're not going away. The project continues to raise significant health and environmental concerns and the arguments against its construction are only getting stronger by the day.

Take action now: Tell KDHE to reject the permit for the dirty Holcomb coal-fired power plant.

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Dear Kansas Department of Health and Environment,

It's time to put to rest Sunflower's long-standing proposal for an unnecessary, expensive, and dirty coal-fired power plant in Holcomb, Kansas. I urge KDHE to reject the permit for the plant.

For more than a decade, this proposal has been languishing while the rest of the power industry has been busy pursuing cleaner energy. While the cost of wind and solar is declining steeply, coal-fired power is becoming increasingly expensive. Aside from cost, current planning documents indicate that the additional power from the proposed plant isn't needed until at least 2027 -- and perhaps not at all.

Sunflower's proposal was never about providing power to Kansas. It was a bad idea more than a decade ago and it's an even worse idea now. I call on KDHE to reverse course and reject the permit for this boondoggle coal proposal. It's time to put this issue to rest.

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