Tell Animal Planet: Don't abuse animals for profit! 

When the three baby raccoons were left with Kentucky wildlife specialist Karen Bailey, she took one look and knew they were fighting for their lives. In the end, only two survived.

A blistering new expose by Mother Jones revealed how Animal Planet and its hit reality show, "Call of the Wildman," in its quest for ratings, recklessly mistreated the animals it claims to save. 

Federal and state authorities are investigating, and Animal Planet executives have even admitted to the wrong-doing -- but shockingly, they still refuse to signifcantly change network rules and take better care of their animals.

Animal Planet relies on the viewing public for ratings and profits, so we need to let them know we are paying attention. Let's keep the heat on Animal Planet executives and flood their inboxes with 50,000 messages -- we'll be too loud for them to ignore!

Tell Animal Planet to stop their cruel animal-handling practices -- no more sacrificing wildlife just to boost ratings!
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    Patricia Kollappallil, Senior Vice President, Communications for Animal Planet; and Marjorie Kaplan, Group President of Animal Planet


PRG_SR Baby raccoons
 Photo: J.N. Stuart, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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