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Virginia Uranium: No. 1 in lobbying expenditures

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Virginia Uranium, Inc. spent nearly twice as much on lobbying as #2 Dominion Virginia Power.  And the $572,697 that VUI spent is just the tip of the iceberg.  It doesn't include hundreds of thousands of dollars spent buying the best "astroturf" style grassroots money can buy.          

Contact your Senator and Delegate TODAY!  Send the message below urging them to Keep the Ban!

We've beat back Virginia Uranium two years running and with your help, we'll continue to do so. The decision right now rests with Gov. McDonnell. Ask your Virginia Delegates and Senators to urge the Governor to NOT move forward with regulations that could open the state to mining. 


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Please communicate your objection to uranium mining to Gov. McDonnell

Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent, I want you to know that I oppose uranium mining in Virginia. Every report has demonstrated significant health risks associated with uranium mining in a wet climate like Virginia susceptible to severe rain events like hurricanes that could flush radioactive mine waste into our rivers and drinking water supplies. That is why it is critical that we KEEP THE BAN!

Recent news stories have indicated that Governor McDonnell is still contemplating possible regulations that could open up Virginia to uranium mining. That is why I am contacting you, to urge that you write Governor McDonnell to object to any regulatory action that would benefit uranium mining in the state.

Thank you for your attention to this critical matter. Please let me know that you have communicated your objection to uranium mining to Governor McDonnell.

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