Sign the petition: President Obama: Natural gas is a danger to our communities! 

President Obama is making a dangerous mistake. In June, the president spoke about his plans to tackle climate change. But his plan includes an increased reliance on natural gas, which puts our communities at risk while it also helps to heat up our planet.

From Pennsylvania to California companies pump a mostly unknown cocktail of toxic chemicals into the ground to unleash the natural gas locked below -- all the while poisoning the air and water and turning local communities into industrial zones. 

Sign the petition -- tell President Obama that natural gas is a danger for our communities. It's not the answer to our nation's energy needs!
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The Petition:

Natural gas is dirty and a danger for our communities

Dear President Obama,

While I applaud your commitment to tackling climate change, I am concerned you are underestimating the real harm natural gas poses to our communities and our climate.

A plan that relies heavily on fracking more of our communities and public lands is a threat to our climate, health, air, and water. A plan that replaces dirty coal plants with dirty natural gas plants is short-sighted. And a plan that includes negotiating trade agreements that allow natural gas to be shipped to other countries while leaving communities to suffer with the air and water pollution is irresponsible.

Instead of allowing this industry to frack without any responsibility, it is time that the Obama Administration held the natural gas industry accountable for the air, water, and climate pollution created by fracking. We must also prevent the exporting of liquefied natural gas, which has a climate footprint worse than coal and which would significantly add to climate disruption. Natural gas is not a climate solution.

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