Jordan Lake Rules Repeal

Jordan Lake is the drinking water resource for 300,000 North Carolinians. Rapid population growth, expanding sprawl, and agricultural pollution has lead to unhealthy levels of nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in Jordan Lake.

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The Environmental Management Commission first adopted rules to clean up Jordan Lake in 2008.  In 2009, the legislature passed compromise legislation  to reduce upstream pollution and clean up Jordan Lake. Upstream developers and municipalities continue to fight these rules while other communities complied in good faith

The NC Senate has approved another version of S515, but the version of the bill currently in the House would delay the implementation of the rules for another 3 years! 

This bill kicks the can down the road, and taxpayers are likely to get stuck with a larger cost and a dirtier lake in the long run.

Help us preserve the Jordan Lake rules by sending your legislator a message!


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Vote Against S 515 and Protect Jordan Lake

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I urge you to vote No on S 515 - Jordan Lake Water Quality Act.

Please vote against Senate Bill 515, the Jordan Lake Water Quality Act.

Thank you.

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