Protect Carroll County's Water from Mining and Fracking

We all Deserve Clean Water

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Last month, over 1,250 Ohioans asked the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to reject Rosebud Mining Co.'s proposed coal mine that could potentially impact fifty streams, nine groundwater aquifers, and hundreds of private water wells in Carroll County. ODNR responded and said their hands were tied. 

Respond back and say that the health and safety of Carroll County residents, not the industry, should be ODNR's first priority. 

Rosebud's proposed mine is not the only threat to Carroll County's water quality. The county is also Ohio's epicenter for unconventional gas drilling, or "fracking," with 140 permitted wells and a projected 2,000 more in the next ten years. 95 percent of Carroll residents depend on local groundwater supplies and yet ODNR is considering permitting fracking wells on top of coal mining without informing the public about the potential impacts on water quality. 

Demand that ODNR hold a public meeting to inform Carroll County residents about what's at stake for the future of their water. 

The pending Rosebud application, as well as booming fracking activity, threaten the county's environment, health, and the existence of their community.  We all deserve clean water. 


  • Lanny Erdos
  • Chief of the Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management. Richard J. Simmers
  • Director James Zehringer


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Request for a Public Meeting in Carroll County

Dear [Decision Maker],

As an Ohio citizen concerned about local water quality, I request that your Department inform the public about the potential risks of combined underground coal mining and unconventional gas drilling in Carroll County by holding a public meeting in the area.

With 95 percent of their community dependent on groundwater, Carroll residents deserve to know what's at stake for their future. I ask that you provide them with sufficient information on how you will protect their health and livelihoods from the cumulative impacts on water quality.

If ODNR will not provide stricter regulations on this unconventional gas boom and will not reject Rosebud Mining Co.'s deficient permit application, what will you do to protect the people of Carroll County?

I urge you to hold a public meeting to inform Carroll residents about the combined effects of unconventional gas drilling and coal mining in the area. Carroll County deserves the truth and they deserve clean water.

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