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Invest in Transit

RIPTA is facing the prospect of massive service cuts due to its reliance on the declining revenues generated by the flawed gas tax. Such cuts will be a burden on Rhode Island's already fragile economy, and they will be an unbearable hardship on our most vulnerable citizens; the disabled, the elderly, the working poor, and the youth. Such cuts would also make it much harder to reduce Rhode Island's carbon footprint. We cannot afford to cut service and, in fact, should be expanding it. Tell your State Representative to provide the stable funding necessary to maintain RIPTA service by passing H5073 the Public Transit Investment Act.


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Save the Endangered Buses

Dear [Decision Maker],

The Governor's resource team, the management of the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority, and the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 618 have worked diligently to address RIPTA's deficit. Together they have succeeded in reducing it from several million dollars to under $50,000 for the current fiscal year. Unfortunately, we cannot rest on our laurels.

The inadequate and unsustainable gas tax that is used to fund RIPTA which caused the deficit in the first place has not been fixed, and therefore there is a looming projected deficit for FY14 of more than five million dollars. Now that every efficiency has been squeezed out of the transit system, it is time to finally invest new funds in RIPTA so that the state can maintain and expand this public service which is critical to our economy and our environment.

House Bill 5073 makes this investment by transferring vehicle registration fees into the Rhode Island Highway Maintenance and Public Transit Trust Fund. The revenues generated by this act will be sufficient to ensure that RIPTA can meet some of its strategic plan for expanded service.

For the health and well-being of Rhode Island's environment, economy, and citizenry, we cannot afford further cuts to RIPTA service. The only viable solution is to increase our investment in transportation.

Please support H5073 the Public Transit Investment Act, and thank you for your consideration.

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