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Also, please consider taking action on these other exciting SierraRise issues.

Tell these Science Museums: Drop David Koch
Known climate denier, David Koch, sits on the board of our nation's most respected natural history museums. Tell the Smithsonian and the American Natural History Museum there's no room for David Koch's politics on its board. Urge for his removal now!
Save Red Wolves from Extinction
Only 90 to 100 red wolves remain in the wild. However, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering ending the program that protects this rare species. Urge them to keep the Red Wolf Recovery Program intact. Sign the petition now!
Stop the Attacks on National Monuments!
Some members of Congress want to block protections for our most treasured public lands and wildlife. We can't let that happen. Take action now!
Tell Pfizer: Drop ALEC
Pfizer claims that it supports action on climate change. So why is Pfizer part of ALEC --a right-wing extremist group fighting EPA limits on climate pollution? Sign the petition telling Pfizer to drop ALEC now!
Tell Chevron: Protecting the planet is not a crime!
Chevron has twisted U.S. law to silence and label as criminals anyone who opposes the oil giant. Sign the pledge and stand with Ecuador. Protecting the planet is not a crime!
Tell PBS station WGBH: Remove David Koch from your board!
The fossil-fuel billionaire Koch Brothers have given tens of millions of dollars to climate denial groups - so why is David Koch on the board that produces NOVA and Frontline for PBS? Raise your voice in defense of truth and science today!
Tell Walmart: Don't be the GMO salmon store!
GMO salmon is bad for native fish populations and dangerous for our families -- so why won't Walmart join Target & Kroger and pledge not to sell it? Send your message to Walmart today!
Speak up for oil workers' safety
Oil workers are six times more likely to die on the job. Take action in solidarity with oil workers calling for safer working conditions!
Let's save the bees from Bayer's poison!
Bayer wants you to think of aspirin when you hear its name, but the corporation has a dark side.
Monarch butterflies need our help
In just 20 years, the monarch butterfly population has declined by a striking 90%. Take action to call for their protection as an endangered species!
Help save chocolate!
If we don't act on climate change now, we could see a noticeable chocolate shortage in just 5 years! Speak up today to help save chocolate!
Tell the FCC: Protect equal access to the Internet!
President Obama called on the FCC to protect the Internet by recategorizing it as a utility -- ensuring equal and open access. Tell the FCC to take action to protect the internet now!
Tell Budweiser: Don't exploit wolves
Wolves were endangered until recently. Tell Budweiser it's irresponsible to portray them as a villain.
Let's save the bees from Bayer's poison!
Bayer wants you to think of aspirin when you hear its name, but the corporation has a dark side.
Tell the EPA to help reduce harmful aircraft pollution
Excessive pollution from air travel is making people sick and destroying our climate. Tell the EPA it's time to take action!
Take Action: Justice for Josť!
Josť Tendetza, an indigenous leader and environmental activist, was murdered days before a protest. Take action for justice.
Tell McDonald's that their palm oil is hurting orangutans!
Palm oil is destroying the habitat of endangered orangutans and McDonald's is one of the biggest culprits. Tell McDonald's to commit to deforestation-free palm oil today!
Speak up for endangered Florida panthers
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service just announced that a record-breaking number of endangered Florida panthers were killed in 2014. Help get Florida panthers the habitat protections they need!
Help protect bees from poisonous pesticides!
Save our bees! Tell the EPA to ban bee-killing pesticides.
Protect beluga whales from tar sands oil
1,000 beluga whales are threatened by a tar sands terminal. Take action to protect them!
Thank President Obama for Immigration Action
President Obama is taking decisive action to address our long-broken immigration system. Thank the President for giving many of those who have been most disenfranchised, a pathway to advocate for their human and environmental rights without fear.
Let's save the bees from Bayer's poison!
Bayer wants you to think of aspirin when you hear its name, but the corporation has a dark side.
Save our bees from Big Ag's greed!
We know what's killing our bees -- yet one corporation wants the EPA to let it use 4,000% more of the deadly chemical! It's up to us stop this threat!
Tell Dominion Resources to quit ALEC!
Dominion says it's environmentally responsible, but it's still a member of ALEC. Tell Dominion it can't have it both ways!
Save monarch butterflies from Monsanto!
Major disaster: Monarch butterflies dying everywhere. We have to stop it.
Demand Facebook quit ALEC and stop funding climate denial!
Why is Facebook funding climate-deniers like ALEC? Sign the petition to demand Facebook quit ALEC.
Tell Britain's prime minister: Don't ban new wind energy!
The U.K.'s prime minister wants to cut subsidies for onshore wind energy -- and potentially ban new turbines. This is a dangerous move for our shared global climate! As prime minister, he cares about Britain's reputation -- your voice makes a difference.
Tell the FDA to label GMO foods!
Tell the FDA it's past time for Americans to know what companies like Monsanto are hiding in the foods we feed our families. Label GMOs now!
Obama: Put Our Health First, No More Mountaintop Removal!
Tell the Obama Administration to make our health a priority and end mountaintop-removal coal mining.
Tell Google to stop funding climate denial and quit ALEC now!
Google joined ALEC, which means they're funding bills that would teach climate denial in our schools, oppose fracking disclosure, and attack our voting rights. Tell them to quit ALEC now!