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Chainsaws, bulldozers, and gas drilling in our state parks?

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When you head to a Pennsylvania state park, you expect a healthy outdoor experience and enjoyment of our beautiful natural environment. 

But Governor Tom Corbett has other plans for our state parks.  

He just fired John Norbeck, Director of State Parks for Pennsylvania, because Norbeck was blocking plans to open up our state parks to gas drilling and commercial logging.

That's right, if you travel to Ohiopyle State Park, you might see drilling rigs. If you travel to Ricketts Glen you might encounter log trucks and clearcuts.

Send a message to Gov. Corbett and your Pennsylvania state representatives telling them to reinstate Mr. Norbeck, and to protect our public lands.

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We Need True Conservation Professionals to Manage State Parks!

Dear  Governor Corbett,

I am alarmed to learn that you have fired the Director of Pennsylvania's State Parks John Norbeck. Under Mr. Norbeck's leadership, our spectacular state parks system won an award as the best managed state park system in the U.S. Please reinstate Mr. Norbeck, and give him the freedom to manage the state parks without political interference.

Our state parks and forests have been managed by conservation professionals for many decades. They belong to the people of Pennsylvania and must be managed for the enjoyment of future generations.

Governor Corbett, please allow the conservation professionals of DCNR to manage our land using their professional judgment. Don't replace them with people who have no background in public lands management.

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