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Tell Your Senator - Our Parks Aren't for Sale!

Some of our public lands are being jeopardized by a ill-considered bill. HB 2224 was introduced to assist municipalities in disposing of abandoned, blighted, unused and unusable properties.  However, as it is presently drafted, it puts our public land at risk of being sold for development.

HB 2224 would allow municipalities to sell all purchased properties without court review. A purchased property under this bill would include any transaction in which monetary consideration in any amount was paid.  This would include donations of land, where $1 is listed as the sale price.

HB 2224 is poised for a vote in the PA Senate as early as this week. If it passes, it goes to Governor Corbett for his signature.  

Tell your Senator to oppose HB 2224. 

To rush a vote on this bill would be irresponsible.  Tell him or her to ask Senate leaders to conduct a hearing where the full ramifications of the legislation can be examined.

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Oppose HB 2224

Dear [Decision Maker],

I want to bring to your attention a bill which raises serious conservation issues. I you to vote no on HB 2224 unless its deficiencies are corrected.

The potential consequences of HB 2224 are:

1) The bill may violate the trust of landowners who have donated property for a dollar or otherwise conveyed property to government with assurances that the land would be used for a public purpose. The bill encourages municipalities to break faith with these landowners.
2) Generous people who might otherwise sell their land at a bargain price to help a good cause will conclude that government should not to be trusted with such gifts.

Please conduct a public hearing to address these concerns. We do not want lose valuable public lands by mistake.

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