Say No To the Pipeline! Write to the NV Bureau of Land Management

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The Southern Nevada Water Authority’s proposed water drill, pump and pipe scheme will devastate our people, plants and animals in rural Eastern Nevada.  That's what a government approval of a Right-of-Way permit for a pipeline would do, according to a study of this unsustainable groundwater mining project.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) just announced its preference for an alternative in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) which would approve a $15.7 billion proposal of the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) for its 300 mile pipeline.  The BLM did not study cheaper and more reliable water supply alternatives.

Please send an email today to the BLM asking them to choose to avoid environmental disaster by denying approval of SNWA's water grab in this century.

Please contact:

  • Amy Lueders, State Director, Bureau of Land Management

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Clark, Lincoln and White Pine Counties Groundwater Development Project

Dear Ms. Leuders,

The Southern Nevada Water Authority proposes to pump and export up to 110,000 acre-feet of groundwater through hundreds of miles of pipelines south to Las Vegas to support growth and development.

Spring Valley and Snake Valley are prime targets for the pumping, valleys that border either side of the Great Basin National Park. Studies by the USGS show that Spring Valley is hydrologically connected to Snake Valley, and that both ground and surface water in and adjacent to the Park will be impacted.

The BLM study is not comprehensive enough to give assurance that the huge scope of impacts can be mitigated. The Great Basin National Park, the sagebrush country, the wetlands of Pahranagat and the Muddy River deserve to be protected from this bad urban sprawl venture.

I urge you to select the "no action" alternative in the Environmental Impact statement.

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