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Have your say on Animal Factory Permits in Lake Huron Watershed

Dairy CAFO of Jake Zwemmer, Huron County, fall 2003If you live in the Lake Huron watershed, and live near an animal factory farm, or if you are concerned about the pollution these huge beef, dairy, hog, chicken, or turkey facilities are causing, then you should share your concerns with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.  The MDEQ has given National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permits to 234 (at last count) of these huge polluting, noisy, and smelly animal operations.  The Sierra Club has found over and over, that these huge facilities pollute our water and air, and can rip apart communities. Our Great Lakes have enough stressors, especially Lake Huron, without additional pollution sources being added. 

You can give your input on Animal Factory water discharge permits in your community.  The Sierra Club submits our comments on these facilities, but the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality needs to hear from YOU, too. 

Take action now, and send your comments to the MDEQ. Use this form for animal factories in the Lake Huron watershed.  Thank you! 


  • Mr. Mike Bitondo


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Dear [Decision Maker],

Thank you for accepting my comments on the water discharge permits for the Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) that are located in the watershed where I live and work.

I understand there are permits up for consideration in the Lake Huron Watershed at this time. Because they are in watersheds of rivers that flow to Lake Huron, I ask you to review them carefully to assure that the conditions of the permits will protect these waterways. As you know, Lake Huron has for many years been subjected to overloading from both nutrients and bacteria, and this has caused many serious problems, one of which has been referred to as "beach muck". These problems may even affect the quality of drinking water taken from Lake Huron. Can you tell me, please, how the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality evaluates cumulative effects of many CAFOs in one watershed, such as Lake Huron?

Again, thank you for the opportunity to share my concerns. I look forward to your response.

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