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Tell Warner and Webb: Windmills NOT Oil Spills

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Tell Senators Warner and Webb
to be LEADERS for Wind Energy
NOT Dirty, Risky Oil Drilling.

Once again, Senators Warner and Webb buck with the Obama administration, this time attempting to supplant the President's drilling program that doesn't include Virginia drilling with one that does. Unbelievable.

Even more unreal is the fact that these Virginia Senators won't lift a finger in support of a home-grown Virginia energy source - wind energy - that doesn't threaten our sensitive coastal environments and lucrative coastal economies OR conflict with NASA and military operations.  In fact, wind energy has far greater potential for creating good, high-paying local jobs and steering America towards becoming a world leader in the clean energy economy than oil drilling ever could.

The production tax credit (PTC), which has been crucial for the wind industry, will expire at year's end.  With it goes about half the industry's jobs and any chance of further expansion. Considering Virginia's offshore wind industry has the capacity to create as many as 10,000 Virginia jobs, our Virginia congressional delegation bears an extra responsibility to lead its promotion, not lead the promotion of a dirty energy source that risks everything we Virginians hold dear.

Send a message to Senators Warner and Webb insisting they take a leadership role in supporting renewal of the PTC for wind.  Call them out for putting dirty fossil fuels on the front-burner while simultaneously sitting silent as future wind energy jobs are already being lost right here in Virginia.  


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am dismayed how you would champion legislation supporting drilling off our Virginia coast while at the same time exercising no leadership in support of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for wind energy - the impending expiration of which is already costing Virginia jobs.

It is incumbent on you as a representative of a coastal state that could benefit from the creation of nearly 10,000 local, good-paying jobs with full build-out of the offshore wind industry to lead the charge for renewing the PTC. We need you to step up and lead our Virginia delegation efforts in support of the PTC NOW!

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