Voice your support for clean water and Wesselman Creek, keep sewers out of our streams!

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Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) is required to keep sewage out of our streams. However, when it comes to Wesselman Creek in Hamilton County, a rare prisitne cold water stream, MSD is proposing an expensive project that would extend sewers through the stream.  Does this make sense to you?  

It did not make sense to local residents and the Cincinnati City Council, who have opposed the project in part because MSD is required by a consent decree to fix an aging pump station, not install a new sewer line.  

Upgrading existing facilities would be cheaper and would not endanger the stream. Please send a letter to Hamilton County Commissioners urging them to oppose the project as well.  


  • Commissioner Greg Hartmann
  • Commissioner Chris Monzel
  • Director Tony Parrott
  • commissioner Todd Portune


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I urge you to re-review the Metropolitian Sewer District's (MSD) legislative request to "eliminate" the Glenview Pump Station and build a new gravity sewer. Please direct MSD to upgrade the existing Glenview Pump Station as agreed to in the Consent Decree.

A new sewer is costly and damaging to Wesselman creek. The elimination project proposal was split into two sections, disguising the full cost of the project. It combined existing benefits from other sewer sections and claimed benefits from sewers that have yet to be built or paid for. The new sewer line would impact 1.4 miles of rare, clean, cold water habitat while costing rate payers more money.

Building a new sewer is opposed by community groups and the city of Cincinnati. Green township residents cherish Wesselman creek and do not want new sewers to tarnish this special natural place. Cincinnati City Council unanimously opposed the costly and destructive "elimination" project because; the pump station upgrade is part of the consent decree, the costs of the two section "elimination" sewer is more than double the upgrade cost and MSD's own 2006 study states that this project is not economically justifiable.

In addition, the Ohio EPA has asked MSD to withdraw its permit application. The elimination project would require approval from USEPA as it is a modification of a required Consent Decree project, which has yet to be sought. MSD continues to waste more money proceeding with the design of the Wesselman sewer, that may not even be approved.

Please stop this unnecessary "elimination" sewer project and approve legislation to upgrade the glenview pump station. Saving money, keeping sewers out of streams, and protecting what makes Hamilton County special should be something we can all agree on.

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