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Uranium Mining: Keep on Keepin' the Ban

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It's people power vs. polluters' money in this Virginia uranium mining fight, and people power won the 1st round when public opposition to mining convinced the General Assembly that the issue was too radioactive (pardon the pun) to consider in 2012.

Studies by the National Academy of Sciences and the City of Virginia Beach raised serious concerns about the safety of mining uranium in such a wet climate up river from more than one million people in Hampton Roads.

Sadly, that did not keep Governor McDonnell from riding to the rescue of Virginia Uranium, Inc.  When it was obvious that the General Assembly would not take up a bill to repeal the ban, McDonnell established his own Work Group to move forward with development of a regulatory framework for mining uranium. 

Thus our uranium mining fight continues!  Please take a moment to send the below message to your legislator insisting again that they Keep the Ban.


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The Studies are in: Keep the Ban on uranium mining in Virginia

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am extremely concerned with the devastating potential of a spill at the proposed uranium mine which would not only pose severe health risks to those living in the area but would be ruinous to the Virginia economy should more than a million Virginians lose their water supply for weeks, months or even a year or more. Uranium mining is clearly not worth the risk.

The National Academy of Sciences recently held a public meeting in Virginia Beach on its study of uranium mining in Virginia. More than 200 local citizens attended, almost all of whom were opposed to mining. The NAS study had "buy in" from all parties at the start. Now it is done, and it has told us that uranium mining and milling in Virginia is a very bad idea.

I am concerned that Governor McDonnell's Uranium Mining Work Group is attempting an end run around the legislative process. That Work Group has been widely criticized for its lack of transparency and for the short time line established to develop regulations. We don't need regulations if we don't lift the ban so why is the McDonnell Administration drafting them?

I am looking to you to protect my health, the health of my neighbors and Virginia's economy. Uranium mining in Virginia will put our drinking water, human health, farmland, property values, wildlife and tourism at risk.

Please, keep the ban on uranium mining in Virginia.

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