Tell Governor Kasich and Ohio DOT to Dump the Pump

Transportation Choice Rocks!
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Here are a few reasons why Dumping the Pump in favor of more transportation choice makes sense:

  • Transit has been shown to been an effective emissions reduction tool and can lessen our oil dependence
  • Ohio has one of the lowest transit funding rates relative to total transportation spending of any US state
  • Transit spending has be shown to create 30% more jobs compared to new road and bridge spending
  • Public transit investment is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve public health
  • Automobile crash rates decline as transit ridership increases
  • Many Ohio Regional Transit Authorities continue to experience record ridership increases, despite recent fare increases.

Tell Governor Kasich and the Ohio Department of Transportation to get on the bus, and provide Ohioans the transportation choice they want and need!


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Move Ohio Forward -- Dump the Pump

Dear [Decision Maker],

Ohio's transportation system is not meeting the needs of Ohioans like me. I ask that you commit to Dump the Pump and create a transportation system in Ohio that provides adequate transportation choice public transit, safe sidewalks, dedicated bikeways, etc. while minimizing harmful impacts (high fuel consumption and emissions, unnecessary accidents and transportation related health problems, and excessive sprawl). Right now, Ohio doesn't provide enough resources to multi-modal and non-automobile projects, which have been shown to reduce emissions and fuel consumption, create more jobs, and provide greater returns on investments than automobile focused road projects. These types of alternative infrastructure projects can not only improve the health of Ohio's residents and it environment, but also serve to drive our economy and attract businesses and talented individuals.

It's critical that Ohio creates a transportation system that is safe, sustainable, efficient, and inclusive, but we're failing right now. By investing more focus and funding in multi-modal and non-automobile projects, we can create a system that provides more benefits at a lower cost, improving our environment, health, and economy. Please commit to Dumping the Pump and creating a brighter transportation future for Ohio. Two policies I urge you to consider that would help achieve this are:

- Adopting a statewide complete streets policy that requires the needs of all road users to be meaningfully incorporated into transportation planning and design.

- Flexing more federal transportation funding (Surface Transportation Program and Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement) to improve and expand transit service across the state.

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