Ask the Marine Board to Protect Waldo Lake!

Waldo Lake

In 2010, the Oregon State Marine Board prohibited the use of internal combustion motors on Waldo Lake in response to a broad public call to preserve the unique character of one of the clearest and most pure lakes in the world.

But today, the Board is considering reversing that decision due to pressure from a small group of motorboat users and seaplane owners.

Waldo Lake is bordered by Wilderness and old growth forest. It is one of the few large lakes that offers a quiet, semi-primitive nature experience to hikers and campers. As one of the purest lakes in the world with visibility that exceeds Crater Lake, this lake is a world treasure worth protecting. Gas motors create an unacceptable risk of pollution from usage and fuel spills, especially when there are numerous options for motorized recreation on nearby lakes. Click here to learn more.

The Marine Board is now accepting public input on the motor ban and has established a comment period from March 1 to April 10.  A public hearing will also be held on April 10, 6 p.m. at the Willamalane Center, 250 S. 32nd St., in Springfield.

Please take a minute to help protect Waldo Lake!  Click here to send an e-mail asking the Marine Board to protect Waldo Lake!


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