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Are Gas Drillers Entitled to Our Water?

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In 2011, American Rivers designated the Susquehanna River as the nation's most endangered river thanks to shale gas development, including fracking.

The Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) has the power to protect the river from fracking, but instead they're putting communities and environment at risk. For example, they are:

  • Permitting many water withdrawals one at a time, without analyzing the collective impact in watersheds in the Basin
  • Failing to consider the long-term impacts of increased drilling and industrial gas development
  • Allowing Pennsylvania's rush to drill to drive decisions that should be based on the interests of all three states

Remind the Commission that its job is not to facilitate risky drilling for short-term gain – but to protect public water resources for a long time to come.

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Do your job. Protect the Susquehanna from shale gas development.

Dear [Decision Maker],

I'm writing to express concern that SRBC is neglecting its responsibilities as a public, interstate agency. The Commission must do more to protect communities and the environment from the harmful impacts of natural gas development.

SRBC has the unique mandate to safeguard shared water resources of three states, and the Susquehanna River Basin Compact requires that decisions be based on coordinated policies and standards. But this joint authority is being compromised due to the rush to drill.

The SRBC continues to approve projects, ignoring its duty to conduct comprehensive planning and consider impacts on the Basin as a whole. While any one project may seem minor, multiple projects together can have major impacts, especially over time. Please work with the public and experts to develop a new management plan for shale gas development.

Finally, SRBC should deny any water withdrawal application that would support the Marc 1 pipeline, a project that will harm water, forests, and wildlife in the Endless Mountains region. This is another example of an industrial development proceeding before any environmental impact statement of the whole watershed has been prepared.

Doing all this is the only way to improve public confidence in the Commission and to prevent the water resource damage caused by shale gas development in the Susquehanna River Basin from getting worse.

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