Protect Western Oregon BLM Forests

With the expiration of federal 'county payments,' a new plan for western Oregon BLM lands is being put forward in Congress by Oregon Representatives DeFazio, Walden, and Schrader. While potentially creating new protections for older forests on these lands, this legislation would also significantly reduce environmental protections across one million acres, leading to more clearcuts, dirtier water, damaged salmon runs, and diminished recreational opportunities. Please tell your members of Congress the Governor to ensure that western Oregon BLM lands are protected!


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Protect Oregon's BLM Forests - No Clearcuts for County Payments

Dear [Decision Maker],

I have recently learned of efforts to legislate management for over 2 million acres western Oregon BLM forests. While I support permanent protection for mature and old growth forests, I am very concerned this legislation will lead to a steep increase in harmful clearcutting and defacto privatization of roughly one million acres of western Oregon public land.

Linking county funding to logging levels is a failed strategy that provides little certainty for county budgets while putting clean water, wild salmon and Oregon's recreation opportunities at risk.

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