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Stop the Export of Liquefied Natural Gas and Coal from Oregon!                                                        

Take Action!The Oregon Department of State Lands is considering a permit request to dredge Coos Bay for port development. If the dredging permit is granted it would open the door for the export of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and coal off the Oregon coast to China and beyond. 

A fossil fuel export terminal on the Oregon coast would increase coal train traffic in our communities, spew tons of toxic coal dust into the air, clog rail lines, hold up traffic, undermine US energy independence, increase energy costs for families and businesses, and harm landowners, fish, wildlife, old growth forests, and rivers along pipeline routes. Given the negative effects of LNG and coal export to all Oregonians the State Department of Lands should deny all permits for the development of fossil fuels in the state.

The permitting decision will be made next week, so it's urgent we contact Governor Kitzhaber today to send a strong message that Oregonians do not want their coasts and air polluted by millions of tons of coal being transported through the state.


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Dear  Gov. Kitzhaber,

I am very concerned about proposals to export LNG and coal from Coos Bay, and urge the State of Oregon to deny the Port of Coos Bay's dredging permit application (APP0037712), currently before the Oregon Department of State Lands.

Given the range of negative impacts from LNG and coal exports to all Oregonians, the Oregon Department of State Lands should deny all permits needed to develop the export of these fossil fuels in this state, including the Port of Coos Bay's current dredging application which would facilitate coal and LNG export.

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