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I want more transit in the T-SPLOST

light railThe time is closing in to make your voice heard concerning the proposed T-SPLOST penny sales tax. The City of Atlanta is holding a public meeting to help determine what projects will be approved by the Regional Roundtable. If we can re-tool the project list covered by the tax, this will be an essential major step towards putting Atlanta back on the map as a transportation innovator – attracting business and improving the way we live.

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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a supporter of more transit in the Metro Atlanta region, I want to support any initiative that will provide more funding for our ailing systems. However, the current T-SPLOST Project List lacks inspiration and vision. Trying to be something for everyone, it ultimately appeals to no one. Given that roads are able to receive funding from a variety of other sources while transit has no such dedicated regional funding, T-SPLOST funds should be used primarily for transit.

An improved T-SPLOST Project List offers Atlanta a rare chance to catch up to other major cities in the public transit arena. Timing is crucial, and if we let this opportunity pass by, Atlanta will fall further behind in attracting business. With a cohesive project list that inspires voters, the Atlanta Regional Roundtable can leave a legacy that generations of Atlantans can be proud of.

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