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Protect Grand Canyon from Development

Waterfall in Grand Canyon (Photo by Mike Dege)
Stilo Development Group USA, LP, is proposing a massive development near the gateway to Grand Canyon National Park, with 2,000 homes, 3 million square feet of commercial space, a spa and dude ranch – and maybe even a water slide. The town of Tusayan has annexed and rezoned two parcels within Kaibab National Forest for the development.

Stilo has yet to identify a water source, and groundwater pumping will drain the aquifer that feeds seeps and springs in Grand Canyon and Havasupai. More multi-day visitors on the rim will strain Grand Canyon National Park's aging infrastructure. Light will obscure Grand Canyon's amazing dark skies. A simultaneous airport expansion threatens the canyon with even more noise pollution.

This is the same company that promoted Canyon Forest Village, a development Sierra Club helped fight. This new proposal is similar to Canyon Forest Village in that it would benefit corporations over residents, squander precious water resources, and promote more development in our forests. Coconino County voters said NO! to the previous rezoning, but now those involved have helped to incorporate the town and to elect people to the city council who are friendly to their proposal.

This is an inappropriate development so near to a crown jewel of our national park system and within our important public lands, especially in light of the amount of water it would use in an area that has limited supplies available and where groundwater pumping will affect the seeps and springs in Grand Canyon National Park.

The Forest Service will need to approve the roads and infrastructure that pass through the forest to access the development. Please participate in a public meeting and/or send a note to the Forest Service and let it know this special use permit should be rejected; it is bad for the park, bad for national forests, and certainly for the waters of the area. Comments must be submitted by June 2.

Public Meeting Schedule:

Monday, May 18
5–8 p.m.
Williams Elementary-Middle School
601 N. 7th St., Williams (map)
Tuesday, May 19
5–8 p.m.
Grand Canyon Squire Inn
100 Hwy 64, Tusayan (map)
Wednesday, May 20
5–8 p.m.
Doubletree Hotel
1175 W. Rte. 66, Flagstaff (map)

Please personalize and send the message below. Thank you!

Watch a short photo video about Grand Canyon.


  • Deirdre McLaughlin


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to express my concern about and oppose a proposed development in Tusayan, Arizona, on land surrounded by the Kaibab National Forest. This development will require the approval of Kaibab National Forest to run roads and infrastructure through our public lands.

Thank you for considering my comments. Please keep me informed about any developments or decisions related to this proposal.

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