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Tell Canadian PM Stephen Harper: Stop tar sands destruction!

Tar sands mining in Canada is destroying pristine boreal forests, poisoning water and polluting the air -- all so oil companies can extract and sell one of the dirtiest sources of oil of Earth.

It's time that Canada honors its commitment to fighting climate change by ending tar sands mining and keeping that climate-killing carbon in the ground where it belongs.

Sign the petition urging Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to end this destruction and start protecting our climate.

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Stop the tar sands destruction!

Dear Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Tar sands are one of the most carbon-polluting sources of oil on the planet, and limiting tar sands expansion is critical to fighting dangerous levels of climate change.

Mining oil from tar sands creates three times more carbon emissions than conventional oil extraction, and the mining operations in Alberta are destroying Canada's pristine boreal forest, reducing the Earth's natural ability to capture carbon, as well as destroying the habitat of nesting birds and other animals.

Tar sands mining also poisons the water and destroys the land that indigenous communities rely on. The toxic chemicals and carcinogens that it puts in the water and the air have increased cancer rates in the region.

If Canada is serious about achieving the reduction in carbon emissions that it has pledged, and protecting indigenous rights, it will cease the senseless destruction caused by tar sands mining.

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