Ask the Alameda County Board of Supervisors for a Ban on Fracking

thisone.gifThe fight to ban fracking in Alameda County is coming to a head. Thanks to the lobbying efforts of our local alliance, Alameda County Against Fracking, a county-wide fracking ban is on the agenda at the September 4th meeting of the Board of Supervisors. In a conversation last month, Supervisor Scott Haggerty—who is introducing the anti-fracking legislation—strongly emphasized that the success of this ban relies on the Supervisors hearing directly from their constituents. He also said: “I will certainly hear from Chevron.”

Big Oil will fight us on this. So it’s more important than ever that our elected officials hear from YOU on this issue. Let’s make sure the Board of Supervisors stays accountable to the voters—not to the oil and gas industry.

Please hand-write a letter to the your local Supervisor asking them to pass a ordinance calling for a ban on fracking in Alameda County, and mail it to:

Alameda County Board of Supervisors
1221 Oak Street, Suite 536
Oakland, CA 94612

Or, use the form below to send a message to the Supervisors by email. Please feel free to modify the content of the letter to tell them why this issue matters to you.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a resident of Alameda County, I strongly urge you to pass an ordinance banning fracking.

I support a ban on fracking in Alameda County. Please pass an ordinance calling for such a ban. Thank you in advance for protecting our health and beauty of our state.

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