Save monarch butterflies from Monsanto!

Monarch butterflies are dying off... and scientists now believe Monsanto is to blame.

Monsanto makes big profits off convincing farmers to douse their fields with a pesticide called Roundup. Then they make even more cash when the farmers have to buy GMO seeds resistant to Roundup's poison -- seeds only Monsanto makes.

The problem is, the pesticide destroys plants like milkweed, the only food monarch butterfly larvae can eat. Milkweed is now gone from at least 100 million acres of crops. And monarch butterfly populations are crashing.

If we want to protect monarch butterflies, we need to get the government to step in. Send your message to the Obama administration right now -- together, we can send 60,000 letters!

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Monarch butterfly
Image: Flickr user docentjoyce, CC By 2.0

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