Fight for Ohio's State Forests - No Logging!


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Shawnee Clearcuts

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources plans to log and burn it's way through Ohio's forests. Help us take a stand.

The Ohio Division of Forestry is promoting commercial logging in each of the State Forests again this fiscal year. The Division just released the Forest Management Work Plans, which should prioritize the protection of endangered species, promote precious wildlife habitat, and maximize recreation benefits for all Ohioans. Instead, the Ohio Division of Forestry remains focused on making money off of these precious lands through logging.


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Fight for Ohio's State Forests - No Logging!

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The people of Ohio own the State Forests, and we ask you to halt commercial logging and prescribed burns on all public lands. The Division should implement a management process that utilizes skilled professionally trained ecologists to develop and implement forest management plans. These plans need to better analyze and consider impacts on clean air, clean water, climate emissions, climate adaptation, habitat destruction, and protection of rare wildlife species.

Please preserve our Ohio State forests for the present and future years to come!

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