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Protect Grizzlies and Bighorn Sheep. Close the Domestic Sheep Experiment Station in Idaho.

High in the wild Centennial Mountains on the Idaho-Montana border, the US Department of Agriculture operates a research and grazing station for domestic sheep.  The Sheep Experiment Station is in the heart of a critical corridor between Yellowstone National Park and the mountainous wilds of central Idaho used by grizzlies and wolves.  Wolves and grizzlies have been killed over conflicts with the station’s domestic sheep, which are a huge attractant for these carnivores.

Grizzly BearOther wildlife is affected as well. The amount of food available to bighorn sheep, deer, elk and pronghorn is reduced each year by the 11 million pounds of forage domestic sheep eat. Native bighorn sheep are also at great risk of harm or death because domestic sheep transmit diseases. Livestock fences interfere with the movement of sage grouse and pronghorn. Even bird and small mammal populations are reduced due to the loss of cover resulting from sheep stripping away vegetation.

Secretary Vilsack made a wise decision in June to close this outdated (established in 1915) and expensive (it costs taxpayers more than $1.5 million per year) sheep grazing facility, but the Idaho congressional delegation is working to stop the closure.  Tell him you appreciate that his decision will be a great benefit for Idaho and Greater Yellowstone wildlife such as grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, wolves, wolverine, lynx and other species that rely on the Centennial Range along the Idaho-Montana border for migration and dispersal.


  • Secretary of Agriculture Thomas 'Tom' J. Vilsack


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