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Don't let them Stop us from Voting!

VoteEfforts by the General Assembly to suppress voters' rights in Virginia continue, but we have a chance to stop this one measure right now.

If everyone in the Commonwealth voted, we know that legislators who support bills to weaken environmental laws would often lose their elections. Unfortunately, as a result of clever redistricting and voter suppression efforts, many legislators can vote with the polluters and against clean air and water with impunity. 

As of July 1, we must all show photo IDs when we vote, but that is not good enough for Senator Mark Obenshain, who ran for Attorney General and lost last November. New photo IDs issued by the Board of Elections if you go there to request one will be good for life, but as we all know most of us will just use our driver's license. So let's say as a result of disability or old age, you decide to not renew your driver's license. It's still a valid ID verifying who you are. It just confirms that you can't drive. If you have become disabled or decided to stop driving because of old age, the last thing you want to do is travel to the Board of Elections to get a new ID when your expired driver's license is perfectly reasonable means of proving you are who you say you are!  

The state Board of Elections is right now considering a regulation that would repeal the right of an individual to use their expired driver's license as a form of ID when they vote. If you agree that this is wrong, please click send a comment to the Board.  


  • Susan Lee


Please Vote to Reject Amendment limiting Valid Voter IDs

Dear [Decision Maker],

I object to the proposal to limit "valid" IDs for the purposes of voting to unexpired IDs. As many registrars noted before the regulations were adopted, as long as the voter reasonably resembles the ID, the purpose of the law has been fulfilled.

Not all IDs acceptable for voting under the current law contain an expiration date, including many college student IDs, state employee photo ID badges, and even the voter Photo ID cards provided by the Board free of charge. If "valid" is construed to mean, "unexpired", how are officers of election supposed to determine whether an otherwise acceptable ID without an expiration date is current? The Board of Elections is tasked with ensuring "uniformity" in the practice and proceedings of elections. If some IDs for the purposes of voting are required to be unexpired, while others are not, it provides an inconsistent application of the law.

Please vote to reject the proposed amendment to limit "valid" voter IDs to unexpired IDs and move forward with educating Virginia voters about the changes in the new law.

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