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Dominion Resources: It's time to Quit ALEC!

DominionGW.jpgThe secret’s out, Dominion Resources: You’re keeping bad company. It’s time to end your membership in ALEC, an extremist group that promotes voter-suppression efforts, stand-your-ground gun laws, and a host of other noxious measures with a big-business, anti-consumer, pro-polluter agenda.

Dominion claims to care about the environment, but its support for ALEC belies that claim. As Virginia’s largest public utility, Dominion has no business supporting ALEC’s extreme politics. Sign the petition today to send your message loud and clear: we want Dominion out of ALEC! 

Want to do more?

ALEC’s national headquarters is right here in Virginia: in Crystal City, Arlington. Help call attention to Dominion’s ALEC membership and demand that Dominion sever its ties with ALEC by participating in a demonstration right outside ALEC headquarters. 

Join Sierra Club activists on September 4 for a rally to demand that Dominion quit ALEC!

WHEN: Thursday, September 4 at 12:00 PM

WHERE: ALEC Headquarters, located at 2900 Crystal Drive, Arlington VA 22202

For more information and to RSVP, CLICK HERE.


  • Mr. Thomas Farrell


It's Time to Quit ALEC

Dear [Decision Maker],

The secret's out.

We know you belong to and help fund ALEC, a pro-polluter group that works to block action on carbon pollution -- and we won't stand for it.

It's an ugly truth: Dominion supports ALEC and ALEC works to block clean-energy and carbon-reduction measures. ALEC is notorious across the country and here in Virginia for obstructing efforts to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. Many corporations have pulled out of ALEC because of its extreme positions. It's your turn now, Dominion.

Dominion, you serve the people of Virginia, a state facing severe climate threats. You need to face up to the unacceptability of your relationship with ALEC and cut your ties to a group with an anti-climate agenda.

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